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Public Interest Journalism

Safeguarding Training,
Flaws in The Leeds Diocese.


  • Who Are You ???
  • Registration is not verified.
  • Any name is acceptable.
  • No need to be a real person, or use your real name.
  • No need to be on The Electoral Role at any Church
  • Therefore the Certificate is meaningless
  • Who Are they? The Leeds Diocese Safeguarding Team
  • A very restricted demographic.
  • All female. Diversity = ZERO
  • No qualifications declared. Hence what authority to they represent?
  • No evidence of wide or knowledable experience
  • Should you be here???
  • The Leeds Diocese only recognises ordained clergy and legally appointed officers.
  • Volunteers = not included in Safeguarding.
  • No Commitment to The Bishop's Guidance.
  • Is my experience typical or a one off occurrence ???
  • Very limited content. Very subjective and sub-culture based
  • Using Safeguarding as a weapon = MISSING CONTENT
  • How enforcement works = MISSING CONTENT
  • The Police say:-
  • Safeguarding can not take anyone at their word no matter how much they trust you.
    In law they would be criticized for taking you at your word should something go awry at a later date.
  • Hence the "Believe" instruction is against Police practice.

Diocesan Safeguarding Advisors Regulations 2016

My recommendations to anyone faced with this situation.

  • Jump on this quickly.
  • Using "Safeguarding" as a weapon
  • The Clergy are easily hoodwinked.
  • Make sure you get the seeds of doubt sown very early.
  • Sadly, this is never ending
  • Over 3 years on
  • The victimisation continues
  • Always a victim
  • Never a survivor
  • The Leaders of The CofE continue to perpetrate abuse
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